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Brass and bronze are two metals that are often undervalued. Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, is often thought of as the metal of ancient history while brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is used in costume jewelry and cabinet pulls. However, copper is one of the most highly valued industrial metals and is used in everything from brewery piping to high-voltage transmission lines. The copper obtained from brass and bronze recycling is more than valuable enough to justify the expense of recycling. These two alloys also have valuable properties of their own.

Brass and bronze are both spark-resistant alloys and are frequently utilized to make bearings and tools for use in environments where the sparks from steel or other metals are hazardous. Brass also has high ductility compared to steel and is a popular choice for use in gas fittings and ammunition castings. Bronze is a high-strength metal that is corrosion-resistant, making it the preferred material for propellers on ships as small as sailing yachts and as large as supertankers. This widespread use means there is a vigorous market for scrap and remnant brass and bronze.


Recycling Scrap Brass and Machined Brass Equipment

Brass is a copper alloy whose value is frequently underestimated. It is most well-known for being a decorative metal, but it also is commonly used in high-quality ammunition casings. However, the uses of brass go well beyond what is common knowledge.

It is an easily machined metal with antimicrobial properties. Combined with its spark-resistant nature, this makes it preferred for precision low load tasks like the gearing that maneuver scientific instruments or the racks that hold sample shelving.

Industrial Metal Service provides recycling services and a fair price for spent, worn, or broken scrap brass. Warehouse cleanup and equipment removal services from IMS can also ensure that valuable precision-machined brass is recycled.

Getting the Best Price for Valuable Bronze

Of the two metals, bronze is the rarer as well as the most valuable. While it’s most often found in marine parts and fittings, it also is widely used for mechanical gearings and in automotive bearings and bushings. Porous bronze castings absorb oil and make for strong and well-lubricated bearings for engine crankshafts. Bronze is softer than steel but still has high strength, making it an ideal material for preventing the type of wear that occurs when steel components rub against each other.  

When bronze parts are too worn to fulfill their original purpose or  if they’re broken and can no longer be utilized, they can be recycled for use in new roles. Although it is a more difficult process, the copper can also be extracted and used to blend new copper alloys.

Industrial Metal Service offers a regular scrap metal pick-up service convenient for machine and automotive shops that routinely deal with scrap bronze.

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Efficient and Convenient Brass and Bronze Recycling in San Jose

Industrial Metal Service brings more than two decades of experience working with manufacturers in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area to recycle metals and materials. In those years, we’ve built a reputation as a recycling service that Silicon Valley industries trust. When recycling brass and bronze alloys, you can trust in our reliable scrap metal pick-up, our warehouse equipment removal services, and our fair prices to ensure that your brass, bronze, and other copper alloys are recycled for a fair market price.

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