5080 Aluminum Tooling Plate

Aluminum Cast Plate with Industry-Leading Tolerances

What is 5080 Aluminum Tooling Plate?

When machinists need aluminum tooling plate capable of holding very tight tolerances, they often look to MIC-6 as the gold standard. MIC-6 is prized for its excellent tolerances and machinability; however, a newer product—ACP 5080 aluminum tooling plate—is increasingly being used for similar applications.

ACP (Aluminum Cast Plate) 5080 is a type of aluminum tooling plate produced by Alimex. Like other 5000-series aluminum alloys, it is alloyed with magnesium to maximize its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, 5080 is specially heat-treated and precision surface-machined to produce industry-leading tolerances and dimensional stability.

5080 aluminum tooling plate is an outstanding product ideal for high-precision applications, including those usually filled with more commonly known plates like MIC-6.

Properties of 5080 Aluminum Tooling Plate

5080’s homogenization treatment and double-sided, precision surface machining create a very fine grain structure with low porosity and minimal internal stresses. The result is a plate with industry-leading tolerances, excellent processing characteristics, and high dimensional stability.

5080 aluminum tooling plate is available in very precise tolerances:

  • Surface finish: ≤ 0.3 µm
  • Thickness: ± 0.0039”
  • Flatness (0.2362” to 0.4724” thick): ≤ 0.0157”
  • Flatness (> 0.4724” thick): ≤ 0.0051”

To ensure your tooling plate order is as convenient and cost-effective as possible, we can cut metal plates to any size to meet your production needs.

Applications for 5080 Aluminum Tooling Plate

5080 plate is ideal for any application requiring precise, predictable tolerances and outstanding dimensional stability. It can generally be used as an alternative to MIC-6 in the same types of applications.

Some common uses of 5080 aluminum tooling plate include:

  • Tooling
  • Fixtures
  • Gages
  • Molds
  • High-precision machined components
  • Precision instrumentation
  • PCB substrate
  • Food, defense, aerospace, and medical technology

Advantages of 5080 Aluminum Tooling Plate

The dimensional stability and precise tolerances give 5080 direct advantages to your manufacturing process. Because the plates are precision surface-machined, there is no need to mill the surfaces to size and tolerance. This allows you to buy thinner plates, reducing cost and processing time. Furthermore, 5080’s dimensional stability means it undergoes minimal deformation during machining, so there is usually no need for further heat treatment or post-processing.

By using a superior aluminum tooling plate like 5080, manufacturers can reduce their costs, as less material goes to waste and processing and quality problems are avoided.

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