New Aluminum Inventory in San Jose

Aluminum Plate, Bar Stock, and Round Bar

Specializing in Aluminum Inventory for Local Industries

Industrial Metal Service specializes in supplying aluminum to manufacturers, machine shops, welders, and fabricators in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We maintain an extensive aluminum inventory of new MIC-6 plate sourced from Arconic, as well as 6061 aluminum plate, bar stock, and round bar sourced from Kaiser mills. These two aluminum alloys are in high demand in local industries. 

MIC-6 plate is produced by Arconic using a patented process that casts slabs to near net thicknesses. The cast granular structure and stress relieving properties of MIC-6 facilitate high-speed milling with little, if any, dimensional distortion, even with extensive metal removal. The best-known characteristic of MIC-6 is its stability. It’s also extremely level, horizontal, void of lumps or indentations, and has an amazing surface finish. MIC-6 plate is used for precision machining of components where dimensional control is critical, and it’s often used for base plates, jigs, indexing tables, and quality control components where precise thickness and flatness are required to obtain accurate measurements.

5000 series alloys for cast tool and jig plate include ALCA 5, ATP-5, and K100-S. These alloys are good, lower cost alternatives to MIC-6. They have slightly lower density, greater strength and elongation properties, surface finish of 20 RMS or better, and excellent corrosion resistance. 

6061 aluminum is one of the most commonly used aluminum alloys. With alloying elements of magnesium and silicon, it’s weldable and is highly resistant to corrosion and stress cracking. Its strength-to-weight ratio makes 6061 aluminum ideal for a wide range of manufacturing uses in aircraft, marine vessels, architectural structures (flooring, ramps, and stairs), medical and semiconductor assemblies, and custom automotive, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle components.

Industrial Metal Service makes it easy for our customers to get the aluminum supplies they need. Cut-to-size sawing services, regularly scheduled delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, and even recycling pick-up services for your aluminum scrap make us a full-service supplier for new aluminum plate, bar stock, and round bar.  

Cut-to-Size Sawing Services

New aluminum inventory is rarely the right length or dimension for immediate use in machining or welding. More often than not, new aluminum stock needs to be cut to the required lengths and widths. At Industrial Metal Service, our cut-to-size sawing services are ideal for shops that don’t have industrial-quality, precision sawing equipment in-house. Aluminum cut to your dimensions requires less room on the shop floor, is easier to handle, and can be immediately put into production.

The saw operator’s skill is important in any cut-to-size process. Extensive knowledge of proper saw setup and cutting techniques comes from expertly cutting thousands of pieces of aluminum. When operated by experienced professionals, precision sawing equipment can achieve tolerances to the thousandths of an inch.

Reliable Delivery From Our San Jose Warehouse to Your Shop

When you source from a local metal supplier, you gain the advantage of fast delivery. Our aluminum inventory allows us to quickly deliver to machine shops, welders, and fabricators in the San Francisco Bay Area. Depending upon your location and the time of your order, we strive for delivery within one business day.

When you need a last-minute aluminum order, Industrial Metal Service can benefit your production process. Contact us for quick delivery of aluminum stock or pick it up at our warehouse in San Jose. For your convenience, we’re open Monday through Saturday.

We Also Handle Aluminum Recycling

Industrial Metal Service also recycles aluminum scrap used in manufacturing processes. As a single-source provider of new aluminum, as well as recycling services, we can help simplify your operations and realize value from recycled aluminum. 

Regular recycling pick-ups can be scheduled depending on the volume of aluminum scrap. Containers that are designed to fit your chip conveyors and are easy to move across the shop floor can be provided for your convenience. We also offer standard 55-gallon barrels, wheeled containers, forklift-compatible 4x4s and 4x6s, and roll-off services for easy handling and transport of aluminum scrap to and from your shop, warehouse, or yard.

Local Aluminum Inventory for Manufacturers, Machine Shops, and Welders

For more than two decades, Industrial Metal Service has been supplying metals, recycling scrap metal, and providing a range of associated services such as commercial equipment and machinery removal to manufacturers, machine shops, and welders in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve established for reliability and trustworthiness among our customers locally and nationwide. Contact us today. We’d welcome the opportunity to be your metal supplier and recycler.

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