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Sourcing specialty metals isn’t always easy, especially with modern supply chain disruptions. Locating the materials you need to continue production may feel like a full-time task. As one of the top suppliers of specialty metals available in San Jose, CA, Industrial Metal Service can meet your needs and production goals.

Industrial Metal Service provides a wide range of specialty metals at affordable prices.

Specialty Metals In-Demand in San Jose, CA

Specialty metals are often indicated in design specifications to meet the performance requirements of the parts or components being manufactured. The unique characteristics of specialty metals have applications in a wide range of industries, whether you’re manufacturing parts to tolerate extreme environments or creating precision components for medical devices. 

Most of these specialty metals are alloys, where the combinations of nickel, copper, chromium, tungsten, and other elements provide high-temperature performance, corrosion resistance, or both. 

Some of the specialty metals used most often by manufacturers, fabricators, and machine shops in San Jose and surrounding areas include: 



This copper-nickel alloy is highly resistant to saltwater and therefore ideal for piping, heat exchangers, condensers, propellers, propeller shafts, and hardware used in saltwater or marine environments. This nickel and molybdenum alloy provides exceptional resistance to acids, such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. These qualities are well-suited for manufacturing components used in chemical and petroleum processing as well as solar and geothermal applications.

Invar 36


Invar (short for “invariable”) is an iron-nickel alloy prized for it’s low coefficient of expansion from cryogenic temperatures up to 500°F. This ability to maintain nearly constant dimensions makes it ideal for precision tooling and dies for aerospace and cryogenic piping and components. Molybdenum is a by-product of tungsten and copper mining. Its high melting point (4,730°F) and corrosion resistance make it suitable for manufacturing components used in aerospace, automotive, medical, nuclear, and solar applications.
Specialty metals available in San Jose, CA, warehouse are sold as usable, verified remnants at discounted prices.

An Alternative: Specialty Metals at Discounted Prices

Specialty metals obtained directly from the manufacturer can be costly. As an alternative, many machine shops and fabricators in the San Jose area take advantage of specialty metal remnants of Hastelloy, molybdenum, cupronickel, and Invar 36. These metal remnants are often remaining from high-volume manufacturing processes. Their dimensions are too small for further use by the manufacturer, but they can be useful for custom machining and fabrication of parts and components by local machine shops. 

Industrial Metal Service verifies remnant quality and content using x-ray fluorescence scanners. Usable specialty metal remnants offer the same high quality as direct-from-the-mill metals and help reduce your production costs while boosting profits. 

Specialty Metals Available in San Jose, CA

Industrial Metal Service is an established, reliable metal supplier for San Jose, CA, and surrounding areas. We specialize in supplying a wide range of verified specialty metals as well as aluminum, copper, steel, and titanium. We can provide rapid turnaround, often delivering orders to locations in the San Francisco Bay Area within a day. Our trustworthy industry reputation, cultivated over more than two decades of operations, means that you receive the highest-quality metals and top-notch customer service when you work with us.

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