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Plate, Sheet, and Round Bar at Highly Competitive Prices

Copper for Industrial, Commercial, and Craft Applications

Copper is one of the most versatile metals for industrial, commercial, and craft applications because of its thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, machinability, and exceptional ductility. It also can be welded, soldered, brazed, or plated.

Some common examples of copper applications include machining electrical components from round bar, cutting custom architectural accents from plate, and producing copper sheet for kitchen backsplashes and surfaces. Copper use has also been increasing in popularity in many creative applications. Items such as copper cups designed for authentic Moscow mules are often featured on popular e-commerce websites like Etsy. 


Convenient, Local Supply of Copper

Many shops, contractors, and designers require smaller quantities of copper for special production runs, custom projects, or products that use only minute amounts of copper. Industrial Metal Service caters to these customers with an inventory of usable copper remnants—plate, round bar, and sheet—available for purchase at considerable savings compared to new copper supplies. 

Manufacturers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area produce significant volumes of usable copper remnants that we acquire as part of our recycling service. We consider the process of collecting these usable copper remnants and selling them at a significant discount the ultimate way to recycle. There’s no need to send recycled copper back to the mill to be remelted and recast. By eliminating that step, we save energy and support a cleaner environment, and you receive high-quality copper at a bargain price.

Copper Cut-to-Size for Your Specifications

Some of the usable copper scraps that we obtain are odd-sized or abnormally cut. We have industrial-capacity metal saws in our warehouse to trim the dimensions to produce standard shapes of plate, sheet, and round bar. 

We can also cut copper to the lengths and widths you need for your production runs or projects. Experienced professionals operate our high-speed metal saws and are skilled in cutting metal to tight tolerances. Our cut-to-size service is very popular for shops, contractors, designers, and hobbyists that don’t have sawing resources. There are no minimum order requirements when you purchase copper from Industrial Metal Service. 

Recycling Copper and Other Industrial Metals

Industrial Metal Service can also handle your metal recycling. Copper is one of the most recycled metals, with approximately 40% of the world’s copper demand addressed through recycling. We’ll take your scrap copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten carbide, and high-temp alloys like Inconel and molybdenum. 

We can customize containers to work with your chip conveyors, as well as provide standard 55-gallon barrels, 4x4s, 4x6s, and roll-off services for maximum convenience in transporting scrap from your shop, warehouse, or yard. We’ll match our recycling services and pick-up times to your production schedules so that you can utilize your workspace as efficiently as possible. 

Local, Reliable Supplier of Metals, Recycling, and Services

Industrial Metal Service can deliver to shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide regularly scheduled delivery for shops that have a continuing need for copper or any of the high-quality metals that we supply.

For more than two decades, Industrial Metal Service has been reliably supplying metal to thousands of customers in the San Jose Area. We also provide metal recycling services, making us a one-stop provider for all your copper and other industrial metal needs. Call us today to discuss your specific copper supply requirements. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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