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Titanium was discovered in 1791 and was named after the Titans of Greek mythology in 1793. It had to wait until 1910, however, to be successfully isolated in its pure form. Only in the 1950s did serious research begin on military and manufacturing uses of titanium. Later that decade, titanium became a critical element in the development of materials and components for the space race. Today, the unique characteristics of titanium make it the preferred material for machining components and fabricating structures in which strength and light weight are required.

Although titanium is the ninth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, the complex extraction process from the minerals or ores (mostly rutile, ilmenite, and sphene) is the primary reason for its higher cost relative to other metals. Industrial Metal Service offers machine shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide an alternative to the high cost of new titanium sourced directly from the mill by maintaining a wide selection of usable, verified remnants of titanium for sale at a significantly lower cost.

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Titanium Characteristics and Applications

Compared to steel, titanium is approximately 45% lighter and has a significantly higher melting point—3,020°F versus 2,800°F. The other reasons titanium is used in aerospace, jet engines, missiles, and high-performance racing cars include its durability and weldability (titanium exhaust system pictured). 

Titanium is well suited for medical applications such as joint replacements, pacemaker cases, dental implants, and surgical devices because it’s non-magnetic, non-toxic, resistant to corrosion, and biologically compatible with bone and human tissue.  

In addition to the above, titanium and its alloys are also used for architectural surfaces, chemical processing, high-performance bicycles, jewelry, marine propeller shafts, desalination processes, agri- and food-processing equipment, power generation, and deep-sea drilling.

Machining Titanium Requires Extra Care

Compared to steel and aluminum, titanium requires extra care in machining. Titanium alloys have low Young’s modulus that can cause spring back and chatter during machining and result in less than ideal surface finishes. Proper machining requires sharp, coated carbon tools to break up long chips that are characteristic of titanium. 

Titanium has low thermal conductivity that inhibits heat dissipation. High-pressure coolant reduces tool heat and component damage. Generally, tool life and work quality can be assured by rigid machine set-ups, machining at slower speeds, and heavier feeds.

CP, 6-4, and 10-2-3 Titanium for Sale

Industrial Metal Service is well stocked with commercially pure (CP) titanium, as well as with Ti-10V-2FE-3AL (10-2-3) and Ti-6AL-4V (6-4) titanium alloys—three of the most in-demand types of titanium requested by San Francisco Bay Area machinists.

CP titanium plate for sale at San Francisco Bay Area titanium supplier

CP Titanium – Grade 1 (CP Ti Grade 1) contains more than 99% titanium. It is the softest titanium and has the highest ductility, allowing it to readily be cold formed. CP Ti Grade 1 has the highest corrosion resistance, welds easily, and is highly resistant to damage from impact. It is the first choice for medical devices and appliances implanted in the human body. However, CP Ti Grade 1 has the lowest strength compared to other CP Ti grades and titanium alloys.  

Titanium 10-2-3 alloy round for sale at San Francisco Bay Area titanium supplier

Ti-10V-2FE-3AL (Ti 10-2-3) is an alloy consisting of vanadium (9-11%), iron (1.6-2.2%), aluminum (2.6-3.4%), and titanium (remainder). This alloy was initially developed for airframe forging applications and continues to be used within aerospace and engineering. Ti 10-2-3 is characterized by high strength toughness, hot-die forgeability, and deep hardenability.

Titanium 6-4 alloy bars for sale at San Francisco Bay Area titanium supplier

Ti-6AL-4V – Grade 5 (Ti 6-4) alloy is composed of aluminum (5.5-6.75%), vanadium (3.5-4%), and titanium (remainder). The aluminum and vanadium elements increase the material hardness of the alloy matrix. Ti 6-4 is one of the most widely-used titanium alloys, with estimates that almost half of the titanium used worldwide is Ti 6-4.

Industrial Metal Service carries these types of titanium for sale at a fraction of the cost of new titanium. By sourcing titanium from us, you can lower production costs and be price competitive, in hopes of increasing profits. Whether you need a regularly scheduled supply of titanium for production runs, a one-time special order of verified remnants for a custom project, or a last-minute piece to complete a prototype, we can meet your titanium needs. We can have your titanium waterjet cut to size as needed. We’re conveniently located in San Jose to service San Francisco Bay Area machine shops. We also ship nationwide with no minimum order requirements for shops that don’t have a reliable, local supplier. 

A Reliable Titanium Supplier for the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond

For more than two decades, Industrial Metal Service has been supplying high-quality metals to machine shops, fabricators, and manufacturers in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve established as a reliable and trustworthy titanium supplier. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your titanium supply requirements and become a value-added supplier in your production process.

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