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Precision Water Jet Metal Cutting in the Bay Area

A water jet cutter cuts material using an extremely high-pressure jet of water containing abrasive material. Water jet metal cutting is a practical alternative to sawing when the desired shape is too thick or the material is too hard to cut with a saw.

Industrial Metal Service can arrange water jet cutting services upon request or when necessary for the material. We serve customers locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you need to cut ultra-hard superalloys or thick plates of tool steel, we’ll get it done fast and at an affordable price.

Any Metal Cut-to-Size

While sawing is suitable for aluminum and thinner pieces of steel, it’s not effective for cutting thicker plates of steel and other very hard metals like titanium.

In general, water jet cutting is effective for metal plates up to 6” thick, though it will vary depending on the material.

Industrial Metal Service can arrange water jet cutting for thick stock shapes and metals that can’t be easily sawed. Metals that are appropriate for water jet cutting include tool steel, titanium, Inconel, and other very hard alloys.

Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

Versatile: A water jet can cut almost anything, including materials as diverse as steel, titanium, foam, stone, and glass.

Fast and Affordable: Water jet cutters do not require special clamps, fixtures, or tooling, so the process is fast and inexpensive. Also, because a water jet cuts in a single pass and removes less material from the workpiece than a traditional tool, it can cut the desired shapes from smaller or irregularly-shaped pieces of metal.

Precise: Traditional sawing and machining methods add heat to the material, which introduces mechanical stresses. Water jet metal cutting eliminates thermal effects, so parts retain their shape and properties and don’t require secondary operations. Water jet cutters produce smooth edges and can create precise, complex shapes.

Precision Metal Cutting with Great Customer Service

With more than two decades of experience serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Industrial Metal Service has built a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy metal supplier and recycler. We’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about your metal supply and water jet metal cutting needs. Give us a call to discuss how we can best serve you.

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