Commercial Space Demolition for Laboratories and Other Specialty Spaces in the Bay Area

Local, Experienced Interior Demolition Services

Teardown and Removal Services

When facilities such as research, medical, or testing laboratories, commercial kitchens, and assembly lines are no longer serviceable, Industrial Metal Service can safely and efficiently handle the removal of equipment and utility infrastructure. With our demolition services, you can quickly prepare for selling the commercial space, new tenant occupancy, facility renovation or repurposing, or the installation of new equipment. We provide interior demolition of industrial and commercial spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From the initial assessment of your demolition needs to the final sweep of the broom, our experienced professionals will manage the project to ensure it is completed on time and within budget.

From Conduit to Complex Equipment

Industrial Metal Service has the experience to safely and efficiently remove a wide range of laboratory and commercial equipment. We’ve disassembled and removed laboratory racks and equipment, injection molding machinery, food and beverage preparation and processing equipment, robotic and automated assembly equipment, industrial gas cylinders, gas distribution systems and tubing, supply and waste piping, conduit and wiring, compressors, HVAC blowers and ducting, conveyors, and storage tanks. 

Our demolition services help keep industrial equipment from ending up in a landfill. We have our roots in metal recycling, and we recycle millions of pounds of metal scrap every year. We’ll recycle any metal or equipment removed from your facility that has value as scrap, and if you have usable equipment, we can help find buyers. If required, we can also provide certificates of destruction to meet regulatory requirements. 

Planning for a Safe and Efficient Process

When you contact Industrial Metal Service regarding your demolition and removal project, we’ll schedule a visit to your facility to assess the scope of the project, discuss the timeline, and identify any concerns regarding permitting, safety, or environmental issues. Based on the assessment, we’ll develop a detailed plan and estimate for the project. Upon your acceptance of the plan and budget, we’ll schedule the demolition, with our team of experienced professionals safely and efficiently handling all the responsibilities from preparation to final clean-up.

Benefits of Working with a Local Company

When you work with Industrial Metal Service, you have the benefit of an experienced, local company that understands the complexities of laboratory and commercial facility demolition in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are fully insured and follow state and local safety, health, and environmental guidelines. From the beginning to the end of the removal, you’ll have a dedicated manager ensuring the timely completion of your project. 

Choosing a Trustworthy Provider for Warehouse Clean-Up Services

If you’re faced with removing laboratory, test, or commercial equipment from your facility, Industrial Metal Service has the experience and the expertise to safely and efficiently handle the project. You’ll be working with a local company that understands the state and local guidelines associated with demolition projects, and we’ll ensure that materials removed from your facility are recycled to the greatest extent possible. 

Call us today to discuss your demolition and removal requirements. We’re proud of our reputation for professionalism and reliability, and we look forward to working with you. 

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