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At Industrial Metal Service, our roots are in metal recycling. It began with our founder sorting aluminum in his dad’s scrap metal company at the age of 13, and since 1999, we’ve been servicing the metal recycling needs of Bay Area manufacturers, fabricators, and machine shops. Over time, we’ve expanded our services and offerings to provide greater convenience, transparency, and economic advantage for our customers.

Maximizing Value in Your Usable Scrap

Over the years of recycling millions and millions of pounds of metal, we witnessed lots of usable metal scrap being thrown away. We realized those drops and remnants weren’t scrap. We began buying those pieces, cleaning and dimensioning them in our shop, and reselling them at very competitive prices to local shops. It was a win-win for all involved—sellers, buyers, and the environment. This is one of the things we are most proud of about our business—we take recycling to the next level. We call it “ultimate recycling.”

Turning Excess Metal Inventory into Dollars

Of course, it’s not just drops and remnants that have unrealized value. We soon began to purchase excess metals inventory from shops and warehouses. Customers are happy to reclaim valuable floor space and turn their excess inventory into dollars. In turn, we offer those metals at competitive prices to buyers.

Supplying New Metals from Mills Complete the Inventory

Despite our success with usable remnants and excess inventory, we found our customers needed even more metal supply. So, we began sourcing aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and high-temperature alloys from manufacturers.

Maximizing Your Floor Space

If you have machinery and equipment you no longer need, we’ll handle teardown and removal. Additionally, we’ve helped customers reclaim entire warehouses with our clean-up services.

A Local, Reliable, and Trustworthy Metal Brokerage for Online Metal Sales and Scrap Metal Recycling

Over the years, Industrial Metal Service has grown from a two-person office to more than 20 employees. Every one of our employees is driven by standards of excellence, honesty, and a focus on teamwork. The core of our business and company mission is “making it easy, fair, and profitable for the customer.”

When you’re looking for a partner for metal supply, recycling, or warehouse cleanup, there’s no one more reliable and trustworthy to handle those needs. With more than two decades of experience, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique requirements.


Jeff Brown, Founder

Jeff grew up in the metal recycling business and at a very young age, learned the value of customer service and the importance of understanding customer needs. By high school graduation, Jeff was well versed in the business. He pursued his passion at UC Santa Barbara, earning a degree in Aquatic Biology in 1991. At UCSB, he had the opportunity to spend some time studying in Paris, France. He also rowed crew for UCSB.

The values and work ethic developed during that time helped lay the foundation for starting his own company and formed the work culture that exists to this day. With years of experience working in the family business, Jeff decided to forge his own path and, in March 1999, Jeff founded Industrial Metal Service, Inc. formally known as Industrial Metal Recycling, Inc.

When Jeff is not focused on the metal business, he spends his time restoring vintage Ford Broncos, surfing, fishing, and enjoying time with his family. He loves to play soccer and coaches the local high school soccer team.

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