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You Shouldn’t Have To Worry About Uneven Cuts And Damaged Edges When Cutting Metals

Our specialized metal sawing equipment features a collection of cutting-edge and high-speed saws that reliably produce exceptional results.

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Precise, consistent, straight and parallel cuts
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Tighter tolerances
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Speedy turnarounds

Our team is dedicated to ensuring accuracy, quality and 100% customer satisfaction on every project.


MetlSaw NF12-T12

Cuts 12’x12′ aluminum plates with a position tolerance of ± 0.065″, vertical squareness of ± 0.0005″/ inches thick, and a horizontal squareness of ± 0.002″/ ft.

Amada PCSAW 530 X

Featuring a band speed of 15-120 m/min and a sawing capacity of 30-530 mm, this saw cuts through the toughest titanium alloys up to 20.8″ diameters.

NF6 MetlSaw

Cuts 6″x60″x60″ aluminum plates.

Amada 400S

Seamlessly cuts through the majority of metals up to 16″ square.

Process of cutting metal

Our Metal Cutting Process

Say goodbye to long, cumbersome metal-cutting lead times that delay your projects. At Industrial Metal Service, we take pride in making the metal-cutting process as fast and easy as possible.

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