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Frequently Asked

For more than two decades, we’ve proudly served fabricators, engineers, manufacturers, and machinists with all their material needs. We know our customers often have questions about our services and products – so to help answer them as quickly as possible, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions here. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, check out our Resource Center. We strive to make sure you have everything you need to find the perfect material solution!

Why should I choose Industrial Metal Service?

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and a wide selection of verified remnant material that can be precision cut to meet your exact needs. We work hard to find the perfect solution for every customer, no matter what their individual requirements are.

What is verified remnant metal?

Verified remnant metal is used or excess material that has been inspected with accurate measurements and qualities. We take great care to ensure that each piece of verified metal we provide meets our strict standards for quality and performance. By using verified metal, you can help minimize costs while still ensuring optimal performance from your specific materials.

What is the difference between new and verified remnant metals?

New metal is typically certified and comes with test reports that show its exact specifications. Verified metal, on the other hand, has been inspected to make sure it meets the same standards as new metal but may have minor scratches or blemishes. Additionally, test reports are not included with verified metal.

What types of saws do you use for precision cutting?

We use high-quality, precision saws for all of our cutting needs. These include the MetalSaw NF12-T12, which cuts aluminum plates up to 12″x12″ and the NF6, which cuts up to 6″x60″. We also utilize the Amada PCSAW 530 X to handle the toughest titanium alloys with diameters up to 20.8″ and the Amada 400S, which cuts through nearly any metal up to 16″ square.

What are your precision cutting capabilities?

Our precision cutting capabilities cover a wide array of materials from aluminum and steel to titanium alloys, brass, copper, and more. Our team is equipped to handle your needs with an impressive selection of saws that can cut these materials with the utmost accuracy. We guarantee each piece we cut is held to strict quality standards.

What are the tolerances for metal cutting?

Our cutting tolerances are held to very stringent specifications. For aluminum plates, we guarantee position tolerance as well as precise squareness and straightness across both vertical and horizontal measurements. Our deviation is kept at a minimal level for optimal accuracy.

How do I know that the verified remnant metals I buy is the alloy I’m looking for?

To ensure you get exactly the alloy you’re looking for, we use a Thermofisher XRF Analyzer to verify each material before it is sold. This guarantees that each verified metal you purchase meets our strict standards of quality and performance.

Do you offer tours of your metal-cutting facility and warehouse?

Absolutely! We invite you to come take a tour of our metal-cutting facility and warehouse. It’s the perfect way to gain assurance that your job will be handled with precision and care. To arrange a tour, contact us at or call 408.294.2334.

What is a round with a drop hole?

A round with a drop hole is a metal plate that has been cut from the edge of a circle cutting saw. It can be made from aluminum, stainless steel, or copper and is precision cut for high-quality results. This process enables the reuse of metal that would otherwise be recycled.

How can I see what is currently in inventory?

You can see all of our current inventory here: Available Metal

Can my metal be delivered directly to a heat treater or other processor?

We are more than happy to arrange delivery of your metal directly to a heat treater or other processor. Just contact us at or call 408.294.2334 and we’ll be able to refer you to the appropriate company. We look forward to hearing from you!

Can my metal be delivered to a machine shop for machining?

Yes we maintain relationships with hundreds of local machine shops that offer a range of services. If you need your metal delivered to one for machining, we would be happy to connect you. Please email us at or call us at 408.294.2334 and our team will help you find the right partner.

Can you deliver my metal to a laser cutter?

Yes, we have access to a number of local laser or water jet cutters that we can refer you to or drop ship directly to.

Can Industrial Metal Service do metal bending, punching or other fabrication?

No, we do not any of these services at our facilities.

Do you provide finishing/ deburring services?

Yes, we provide deburring services for metal coming off of the band saws. That said, we’ve found that our plate saws produce perfectly clean cuts with no need for additional finishing or deburring.

Do you buy scrap or recycled metal?

We recycle aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, steel, titanium, high temp alloys, precious metals, and tungsten carbide. We provide a convenient transport service for your scrap metal from your shop or yard with our specially-fitted containers – 55-gallon barrels, 4x4s, 4x6s, and roll-off services. Our competitive prices ensure you get a fair value for your scrap metal. To learn more, please visit our Metal Recycling page.

What other services do you offer?

We offer teardown and clean up services for local projects. We have the expertise, experience, and resources to efficiently handle equipment removal and recycling logistics. Our services include heavy equipment removal and teardown, metal recycling, as well as flexible pricing adjusted to the scope of each job. For more information, please visit our metal teardown and cleanup page.

How do I get pricing that includes shipping?

Our product pages provide you with a full quote that includes the material cost and shipping, based on your specific requirements and zip code. Simply add in your specs to get an accurate estimate.

Do you price match?

No, we do not offer price matching at this time.

Does IMS accept COD orders?

No, at this time, we do not accept COD orders.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

No, we do not offer wholesale pricing. However, you can enter your resale number at checkout to avoid paying taxes.

Do you offer bulk discounting?

When you get a quote on our product pages, bulk pricing is automatically calculated for your convenience. For orders that are over $10,000, we offer additional discounts. To take advantage of this discount, please contact us directly.

What is your process?

Our ordering process is efficient and easy to use – select your metal type and size from our online selection, which includes standard sizes or custom cuts. You’ll be able to view the shipping cost prior to checkout. We will then cut it precisely according to your specifications and check its quality before expertly packaging it for shipment. Once it arrives at the destination, your order will be ready to use in your project.

Is there a minimum order requirement? 

Yes, a minimum order of at least $50 is required.

What is your standard lead time for metal cutting?

Our standard lead time for metal cutting is usually 2 days. If you’re in need of your order sooner, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Can I get last-minute metal-cutting order delivered to me?

We will do our best to fulfill any last-minute orders. Please reach out to us via email at or call us at 408.294.2334, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

How will I know when my order is ready?

To the answer, add this sentence: You must have a photo ID that matches the name on the order to pickup. If you have another person picking up the order, please email with your order number and the name of the person who will be picking up the order. All customers picking up at our warehouse must sign a pickup slip saying they received the order.

Can I get a shipping quote without checking out?

When you are in the cart, click the “Get Shipping Rates” button to get a shipping quote. On this page you can enter your zip code and whether it is going to a residence or a business, and we’ll give you the available shipping options. Select one of them, then click the “Checkout” button if you are ready to place the order. If you would like to continue shopping, simply hit the “Continue Shopping” button or use the top menu to view other items.

How soon can you ship my order?

We make every effort to process and ship your order as quickly as possible. Generally, orders are processed within an hour of being placed. We strive to ship all orders within 1-2 business days, no matter the size.

When can I expect to receive my order?

Below is an estimation of our shipping and processing times:

Delivery Service Type

*Typical Processing Time

*Estimated Delivery


1 – 3 Days

2 – 8 Days

3rd Day

1 – 3 Days

2 – 6 Days

2nd Day Air

1 – 3 Days

1 – 5 Days

Next Day Air

1 – 3 Days

1 – 4 Days

Expedited 2nd Day Air

Same or Next Day

2 Days

Expedited Next Day Air

Same or Next Day

1 Day

Standard LTL Freight (151 lbs+)

1 – 3 Days

1 – 8 Days

Expedited LTL Freight

Same or Next Day

1 – 5 Days

Where will my metals ship from?

We ship all materials from our San Jose facility located at 260 Phelan Avenue, San Jose, CA 95112

Can Industrial Metal Service ship via USPS?

We do not ship via USPS. However, we do offer UPS SurePost as an alternative option which is similar to USPS. To qualify for USP SurePost shipping, your material must be 9” x 12” or smaller and weigh no more than 3 lbs.

What’s the biggest piece of material that you can ship?

The longest piece of material we can ship via UPS is 108″ for “Long” products, such as rods, tubes, bars and pipes. For “Flat” products like sheets and plates, the largest piece we can send via UPS is 36″ x 48″. Any materials weighing more than 150 pounds must be shipped by freight.

Is my order insured?

All shipments are covered by insurance to cover the cost of any damage caused by the shipper.

Why does the package weight more than what my order says?

The actual weight of the order may be more than the shipping weight due to skids, boxes, and necessary packaging material adding additional weight. This is why you will often see a discrepancy between the two weights.

Standard Delivery Service

How will my materials be packaged during shipment?

All orders are shipped in custom packages designed to protect the unique characteristics of fabrication materials. These packages are designed to protect long, heavy pieces from bending or crushing and minimize shipping expense. Sheets are packaged with extra care taken to prevent delicate corners from warping in the process. For larger items, we use triple walled corrugated pad and v-board to protect the material.

Where are your location and hours?

260 Phelan Ave, San Jose, CA 95112, M-F 7 AM – 3:30 PM PST

How long will it take for my order to be ready?

The turnaround time for your order typically depends on the material, but it is usually 4 business hours. For thicker steel plates or larger orders, please allow extra time as they may take longer to prepare.

Can I place the order at the warehouse?

Yes, orders can be placed directly at our warehouse. Please make sure to check our hours and location before visiting.

How will I know when my order is ready?

Once your order is ready, we will send you an email notification. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

My order is a small piece, can I come get it now?

Unfortunately, you will still need to wait until your order is ready for pickup, even if it is a small piece. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What is your returns policy?

Due to the nature of cut-to-order specialty cuts, all sales are considered final and we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. In case of an issue with your order, please refer to the Order Issues section on the Returns, Exchanges and Cancellations Policy page.

Can I exchange my material if I want something else?

We do not accept exchanges for items that have been purchased. If you would like to order a different material, please place a new order on our website.

What happens if I want to make a change to my order?

Due to the nature of our materials and the cutting process, we cannot make any changes once an order has been placed. We strongly suggest that customers double-check their orders before submitting them to ensure accuracy. If you need to make a change to your order, please contact customer service via email at

What happens if my material arrives damaged or if the wrong material was shipped to me?

If your material arrives damaged or if the wrong material was shipped to you, please contact Customer Service via email at or call 408.294.2334 and we’ll work with you to find a solution as quickly as possible.