Metal Sawing

For Bay Area Machine Shops and Fabricators

Accurate Metal Sawing Services

Sawing services are a key capability of our value-added metal sales service. For smaller shops that don’t have floor space for saws, we can deliver plate and bar stock at the dimensions and lengths you require. For shops that have a one-time, high-volume metal sawing need, we’re happy to take on that project. If you have long-term production schedules to meet, we’ll make sawing a regular part of the services we provide you. Allowing us to handle your sawing requirements helps accelerate your production process and can reduce metal waste.

Industrial-Quality Sawing Resources

Our high-speed saws are operated by experienced professionals to provide accurate metal sawing to the fraction of an inch. We deliver metal stock and plate to your required dimensions. Whether it’s a one-time order or regularly-scheduled orders to meet your production needs, we have the experience, resources, and capacity to easily handle your accurate metal sawing needs.

Learn More about Our Metal Sawing Services

Whether you need metal plate or bar stock supply cut to size, want to outsource a custom cutting project, or require a fast turnaround for dimensioning specific pieces, we offer local convenience and trusted reliability. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific metal sawing requirements. Give us a call and we’ll get it done.

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