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Titanium: Lightweight and Sturdy for a Variety of Applications!

Titanium is the perfect pick when you need something lightweight and durable. This metal’s amazing corrosion resistance makes it an ideal choice for pretty much any application – from aerospace engineering to medical implants. Plus, its strength-to-weight ratio gives you lightweight designs that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. So if you’re looking for a way to make something light but strong, titanium is definitely the way to go!

Verified Titanium

Get Your Titanium Shipped Quickly!

Titanium delivery doesn’t have to be a slow process. We’ve got the most advanced tools and the fastest delivery times, so you can get your titanium shipped out in as little as 2-3 days, even on large orders.


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New Metals vs. Verified Remnant Metals

New Metals Verified Remnant Metals
New Metals vs. Verified Remnant MetalsCertification Certification always included Limited certification: Metal type and alloy verified via XRF scanning
New Metals vs. Verified Remnant MetalsCost Top market price, variable based on labor, materials, energy Cost of materials and prep time only
New Metals vs. Verified Remnant MetalsAvailability Industry standard sizes only. Large plates or bars that can be cut to size. Ability to purchase quantities from the same lot number. Availability can be affected by supply and demand. Large standard sizes are not always available. Can be readily cut to size as needed.
New Metals vs. Verified Remnant MetalsCondition Pristine, fresh for any and all processes. May have blemishes such as scratches or water spots.
New Metals vs. Verified Remnant MetalsCarbon Footprints Higher, as more energy is expended to process virgin ores or recycle metal scrap. Lower, making direct use of metal remnants in their current state. Minimal reworking.