6061 Aluminum Round Stock

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Versatile 6061 Aluminum Round Stock

6061 aluminum with its magnesium and silicon is one of the most requested aluminum alloy grades for us in the San Jose Area and shops around the world. This heat treatable aluminum alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance, has good weldability, and is easily machined into lightweight shafts and pins. Extruded 6061 aluminum round stock has a wide range of applications. Its strength to weight ratio makes 6061 aluminum ideal for applications such as aircraft, medical and semiconductor assemblies, industrial machinery, and custom automotive, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, and marine components.

6061 aluminum round stock remnants cut to length stacked and banded in a San Jose warehouse

We Specialize in Aluminum

Industrial Metal Services specializes in aluminum. On any typical day, you’ll find over 500,000 lbs of aluminum stock in our San Jose warehouse. We carry high-quality 6061 aluminum round stock sourced from national mills such as Kaiser and Arconic. We also offer a wide selection of verified 6061 aluminum round stock remnants, priced considerably lower than 6061 aluminum sourced directly from the mills. In addition to a lower cost, verified 6061 aluminum round stock remnants make for easier handling and storage. Many times these remnants are close to the exact lengths smaller machine shops need for projects.

6061 Aluminum Round Stock Cut to Size

6061 aluminum sourced straight from the mill is rarely the right size for immediate milling or welding. Aluminum round stock typically has to be cut to size—per design specifications—as an extra step. Our cut-to-size sawing services benefit smaller shops that don’t have sawing equipment. Larger shops that use our cut-to-size services benefit by reducing production time and receiving aluminum round stock cut to the required size. For any high-volume production run, our sawing services offer the most efficient method of transforming 6061 aluminum round stock, or other metals, into machinable or weldable components.

Equally important in any cut-to-size process is the saw operator’s skill. Our professionals have extensive experience in working with 6061 aluminum and have accurately cut tens of thousands of pieces. In the hands of our professionals, our precision sawing equipment can achieve very tight tolerances.

Convenient, Reliable, Local Delivery

When you buy 6061 aluminum round stock from us, you get the advantage of fast delivery. Major manufacturers, fabricators, and machine shops that specialize in custom projects in the San Francisco Bay Area can take advantage of same or next-day delivery of aluminum round stock, depending upon location and the time of your order. Our delivery drivers work hard to meet all the needs of our clients in a professional and timely manner.

And, in the event you need a last-minute order to complete a project or fabricate a custom component, knowing that with one phone call you can get that aluminum cut to size and quickly delivered gives you an extra level of confidence in meeting your production deadlines. If it’s more convenient to pick up the order at our warehouse in San Jose, we’re open Monday through Saturday. That’s one more advantage when you buy your aluminum round stock with us.

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Industrial Metal Recycling has never let me down with huge projects and fast turn-around with warehouse cleanup.

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6061 Aluminum Stock: Quality, Reliability, and Recycling Too

Over more than two decades, Industrial Metal Service has built a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy supplier of quality aluminum to hundreds of customers in the San Jose Area. We also provide metal recycling services, making us a one-stop provider for all your aluminum and other metal needs. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific aluminum supply requirements, and we make it easy for you to do business with us.

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