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(Northern California Only)

Are you struggling with unused or outdated equipment, scrap metal, or excess inventory taking up valuable space in your warehouse?

Industrial Metal Services offers efficient and cost-effective cleanup and removal services to help you make the most of your current space. We have the expertise, experience, and resources to handle equipment removal and recycling logistics. Our services include –

Heavy Equipment Removal and Teardown Icon
Heavy Equipment Removal and Teardown

Safely and efficiently dismantling and removing heavy equipment

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Metal Recycling

Offering competitive pricing for your valuable metal inventory and scrap

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Flexible Pricing

Adjustable rates based on the scope of the job

Leave your headaches of equipment removal, metal recycling, and cleanup to us. As a local metal recycling business, we bring two decades of experience in helping manufacturers like you optimize warehouse space. This service is currently available to businesses in Northern California only.

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