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The Benefits of Having Metal Cut to Size in the Bay Area

Getting the right dimensions for the metal stock that you use in your manufacturing processes is critical to end-product quality. You don’t want to discover that the steel angle brace you just welded was off by 1/4” in length and jeopardized weld integrity or that the dimensions of the aluminum block queued up for the CNC machine needs another 1/16” milled away before it can fit in the jig. You can avoid those problems when you source your metals from an experienced metal supplier who provides precision cut-to-size metal.

Let’s explore the full benefits of this service and how you can go about finding a trusted partner to provide this service for you. 

Key Benefits to Buying Cut-to-Size Metal

If you’re a manufacturer, fabricator, or machine shop, there are many reasons to purchase your metal supplies cut to size. The convenience, faster production cycles, and reduced scrap certainly can be quantified in time and cost savings for you. Now let’s look at these key benefits in greater detail.

More Efficient Use of Shop Space

If you’re like many smaller fabricators and machine shops in the San Francisco Bay area who don’t have the sawing resources or capacity for certain large production orders or runs, there’s a huge convenience in ordering cut-to-size metal. For starters, you don’t have to invest in high-capacity saws and their ongoing maintenance costs. And, you don’t have to waste your time doing it if a trusted partner can perform the service for you. 

When shop space is tight and your sawing is done by your metal supplier, you can devote your floor space to production machinery that gives you a greater ROI.

Accelerate the Production Process

Ordering cut-to-size metals reduces your production time. Depending on the sawing volumes and requirements for your production schedule, you may be able to eliminate hours to days by receiving cut-to-size metal stock. When you receive metal in the exact lengths and dimensions that you need, you can immediately focus your time and resources on value-added manufacturing activities to better meet production schedules.  

Achieve Precision Cuts 

Cutting accuracy is paramount, and if metal sawing is not part of your daily production expertise, it can be challenging to consistently achieve precision cuts. An experienced team using industrial-quality equipment with high-volume sawing capacity is much better equipped to handle the volume and variety of tight cutting tolerances. They can meet straightness and squareness tolerances as tight as +/-0.003”, which is more accurate than metal straight from the mill.   

Reduce Cost and Scrap 

In comparison to ordering bar stock and plate in standard lengths and dimensions, ordering cut-to-size metals ensures you’re not paying for metal you won’t use. Additionally, you won’t spend any time cutting that metal to size, you won’t have metal scrap to collect and recycle, and you’ll have a far more efficient production process when you let specialists manage the sawing.

Reduce Metal Inventory 

Cut-to-size metal stock takes up less floor space because it is only exactly what you need. Plus, if you schedule regular on-time deliveries (easily done if your metal supplier is in the San Francisco Bay Area), you can further minimize in-house metal inventory and devote more floor space to other production assets and activities. 

Your Single Source for Cut-to-Size Metal, Recycling, and Associated Services

Industrial Metal Service has been providing metal supply, sawing, recycling, and associated services for manufacturers, fabricators, and machine shops in the Bay Area for more than two decades. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned for our reliability, integrity, and second-to-none customer service. 

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss the specifics of your cut-to-size metal requirements and we can promise you fast turnaround times and very competitive prices. Whether you buy metal from us or not, we happily offer our sawing services to help you get the metal sizes you need as fast as possible. Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we’ll get it done quickly.

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