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Mic 6 Aluminum

Arconic’s MIC-6

a cast aluminum plate product with stability, flatness, surface condition, grain structure, and thickness tolerances that set the bar for contenders. The stability of MIC-6 aluminum plate makes it ideal for precision machining processes where dimensional control is critical. It is often used for jigs, base plates, indexing tables, and quality control components where precise thickness and flatness are paramount in obtaining accurate measurements.

Should you require aluminum plate for your next precision machining application, Industrial Metal Service has a vast selection of new MIC-6 aluminum plate, as well as usable verified MIC-6 aluminum remnants.

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Arconic’s MIC-6

How MIC-6 Aluminum Plate Is Manufactured

The patented manufacturing of MIC-6 aluminum plate involves casting the plates continuously and to a near net thickness. This is done to promote consistency between the plates and to reduce the risk of disrupting material stability by entrapped stress. After casting, the plate is subject to thermal treatment of more than 700°F for up to 10 hours to remove potential stresses present within the plate. In the final step, the plate is surface ground from the near net thickness to the final thickness. The result is an exceptionally flat and stable aluminum plate that eliminates virtually all distortion associated with machining and end-use temperature fluctuations.

Manufacturing of MIC-6
MIC-6 Aluminum Plate Characteristics Image

MIC-6 Aluminum Plate Characteristics

The continuous casting process of MIC-6 aluminum plate creates a consistent granular structure that enables machining with tight control of tolerances and dimensions. MIC-6 facilitates high-speed machining, producing small uniform chips, with little to no distortion of the plate, in comparison to flat-rolled metals. Even when cutting large patterns in a sheet of MIC-6, the plate remains remarkably flat. In many instances, the precisely-finished surface (tolerance of 20 micro-inches) completely eliminates the need for further milling or surface grinding, thereby reducing manufacturing time and costs.

Another way to save time and resources is by using a supplier that has a large selection of available MIC-6 aluminum plate for immediate needs.

MIC-6 Aluminum Plate Buying Options: Certified New or Verified Remnants

Aluminum alloy supply is our specialty. In our warehouse in San Jose, we carry new MIC-6 aluminum plate. For high-volume production shops, fast, reliable regularly-scheduled deliveries of certified new MIC-6 aluminum plate may be the most efficient method to meet your production commitments.

Alternatively, our extensive stock of usable verified MIC-6 aluminum plate remnants offer significant savings when compared to the cost of new MIC-6 plate. For many shops, remnants are the ideal choice for custom projects or just-in-time machining needs. With our MIC-6 inventory, we can often provide remnants close to the actual length, width, and thickness of the components you intend to machine. Compared to new, full-size MIC-6 plate, verified remnants are also easier to transport and handle in the shop.

Top-quality MIC-6 aluminum plate remnants available at a fraction of the cost of new MIC-6 aluminum plate can help you lower production costs, be price competitive, and boost profits. Whether you need a regularly-scheduled supply of new MIC-6 aluminum plate, a one-time special order of verified remnants for a custom project, or a last-minute piece to complete a prototype, as long as it’s in stock we can meet your needs. We also offer precision sawing services.

Plate Buying Options Image
Cut to Size

Cut-to-Size MIC-6 Aluminum Plate

Here at Industrial Metal Service, we provide additional services to bring greater efficiency to your production process. With precision sawing services, we can quickly transform MIC-6 aluminum plate into the exact length and width to match the specified design. Cut-to-size sawing services save time in the production process. You receive MIC-6 plate ready for immediate milling.

Many shops that don’t have adequate sawing resources rely on us for this service. Our saws are operated by experienced professionals who take pride in their ability to cut aluminum plate to your precise design specifications.

We regularly deliver to machine shops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and ship to shops nationwide that don’t have the benefit of a local, reliable MIC-6 aluminum plate supplier. In most cases, same-day pick-up is available for local orders at our San Jose warehouse, depending on the time of the order. We’re open Monday through Saturday for your convenience.