The Value of Scrap Metal Analysis and Testing

Verified, Usable Metals at Highly Competitive Prices

Obtaining Value From Scrap Metals

Scrap metal leftover from production processes can easily be recycled, allowing manufacturers to gain more value from the metals they use. Unalloyed copper can be remelted and recast, while individual grades of commercially pure titanium can be reprocessed into new titanium plate, bar, and round stock. There’s also always recycling demand for 6061 aluminum. However, you’ll get less return for mixed-batch scrap metals because of the additional downstream processing required to sort and reprocess the scrap. Knowing the type or grade of metal you’re recycling and keeping it separate from other metals increases the value of your batch.


Ultimate Recycling: Finding the Greatest Value in Usable Metal Scrap

Manufacturers in the San Francisco Bay Area produce significant volumes of metal scrap remnants—titanium drops from a high-volume manufacturing process or irregularly-shaped 6061 aluminum plate remnants from an RV customization shop, for example—that are ideal for smaller-scale production processes. These metal remnants can be utilized by other machine shops, fabricators, and welders.

Industrial Metal Service specializes in buying usable metal scrap, including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten carbide, and high-temperature alloys, and reselling them at significantly reduced prices in comparison to new metals sourced from the mill. From our perspective, the process of collecting usable remnants and selling them at a significant discount is the ultimate way to recycle. There’s no need to send back metal scrap to the mill to be remelted and reprocessed with this innovative approach, and we save energy and support a cleaner environment by eliminating that step. 

Some metal scrap that we obtain is odd-sized—angled cuts, trapezoids, or sheet with punched holes. We use our industrial-capacity metal saws to trim off the irregular dimensions to produce standard shapes of plate, sheet, and round bar. 

One of the challenges in using these scraps for manufacturing processes is verifying the metals. Many design specifications are explicit regarding the type or grade of metal used for a structure or machined into a component. If you can’t be assured that the metal you’re buying meets the specifications, you jeopardize product quality and, in many cases, can risk a contract violation.

Verified Metals at Discounted Prices

Industrial Metal Service verifies the metals that we sell. We offer an extensive inventory of new MIC-6, 6061 aluminum, and carbon steel, for which we can provide mill test reports (MTR) to certify the metal’s chemical and physical properties. 

For the inventory of usable metal remnants that we sell at discounted prices, we use x-ray fluorescence technology for verification. Thermo-Fisher XRF analyzers are used to determine the chemical composition of these metals and assure customers that they are receiving the types and grades of metals that meet the design specifications of the structures or components they are creating. 

Even with these levels of certification, some of our customers choose to use an independent verification service. We’re happy to provide metal samples for that purpose. 

Verify the Metals at Our Warehouse or Independently Before You Buy

Industrial Metal Service is located in San Jose, CA. We carry an extensive inventory of industrial metals and specialize in offering usable, verified metal remnants at prices significantly lower than what you would pay for new metals sourced from the mill. If you’re searching for a reliable supplier of high-quality metals, we invite you to stop by our warehouse and take a look at our inventory. When you find the metals you need, we’ll provide the verification, or if you’d prefer an independent scrap metal analysis instead, you’re welcome to take a metal sample with you. We’ve even had customers bring us samples of metal they’ve acquired from other sources to request verification, and we’ve gladly obliged. 

For your convenience, we are open Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM and Saturdays from 8 AM to 12 PM.

Local, Reliable Supplier of Metals, Recycling, and Services

For more than two decades, Industrial Metal Service has been reliably supplying metal to hundreds of customers in the San Jose area. We also provide precision cut-to-size sawing services, delivery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and scheduled metal recycling, making us a one-stop provider for all your industrial metal needs. 

Call us today to discuss your requirements. We’d welcome the opportunity to explain the benefits of our “ultimate recycling” business model and take the first steps toward becoming a long-term business partner. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us. 

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