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Verified Invar Alloy at Discount Prices

Invar for High Dimensional Stability

Invar, which is short for “invariable,” is an iron-nickel alloy first discovered in 1896 and distinguished for its extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) at room temperature. The chemical composition responsible for this property is approximately 36% nickel and 64% iron (indicated by the x-ray fluorescent scanner shown above), though trace amounts of aluminum, carbon, chromium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, titanium, or zirconium may also be included in the alloy, depending on the manufacturer. 

Invar’s low CTE makes it the ideal material for parts, components, and assemblies that require high dimensional stability across varying temperatures. Invar’s dimensional stability is similar to glass and ceramic materials, and it’s ideal for use in creating glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal sealing components as well as sealing components for semiconductors and microprocessors, high-precision molds for aerospace manufacturing, bimetal thermostats, liquified natural gas tanker components and piping, magnetic shielding, optical equipment such as lens mountings, and precision optical and laser measuring equipment.

Transforming Invar into some of these components, however, requires some machining expertise, experience, and caution. Invar produces stringy, gummy chips which can wrap around the tooling and disrupt the flow of coolant. To avoid these problems, use chip breakers, rigidly support the high-speed steel or sintered carbide tooling, and ensure good lubrication and cooling. For welding applications, use TIG or enhanced MIG welding procedures, with argon or an argon/helium mix for the shielding gas.  

Convenient, Local Supply for Invar

Machinists, fabricators, and welders in the San Francisco Bay Area searching for a reliable, local source for Invar need look no further than Industrial Metal Service in San Jose, CA. Our unique approach to metal recycling allows us to purchase Invar remnants remaining from manufacturing processes. We trim off any odd angles and sell these Invar remnants at a significant discount compared to sourcing Invar new from the mill. We verify the chemical composition of our Invar inventory using x-ray fluorescent scanners to ensure you receive top-quality materials.

Value-Added Sawing Services

In addition to supplying Invar bar stock at discount prices, Industrial Metal Service can also provide cut-to-size precision sawing services. An increasing number of San Francisco shops depend on us to cut metals to size so that upon delivery, the materials can be put right into production. There’s no need for shops to stock inventory and take up valuable floor space when we can deliver cut-to-size materials ready for production. Our industrial-capacity saws and experienced technicians can handle any volume of sawing needs, from a small, custom order to a regularly scheduled supply of precision-cut metals to keep your production line running. 

Local, Reliable Supplier of Metals, Recycling, and Services

Industrial Metal Service can deliver to shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide regularly scheduled delivery for shops that have a continuing need for Invar or any of the high-quality metals such as aluminum, angle iron, copper, brass, titanium, and high-temperature alloys that we carry.

For more than two decades, Industrial Metal Service has been reliably supplying metal to thousands of customers in the San Jose area and beyond. We also provide metal recycling services, making us a one-stop provider for all your industrial metal needs. Call us today to discuss your specific metal supply requirements. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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