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Aluminum Precision-Cut to the Dimensions You Require

Challenges with Cutting Aluminum Stock

For new fabricators and machinists, cutting aluminum stock can prove to be difficult. Aluminum and its alloys are available in several different tempers, and some are easier to mill, shape, and cut than others. Also, because of their low melting points, aluminum alloys tend to form gummy buildup around the tool edge owing to the heat of friction. In the absence of high-end cutting tools and experienced operators, it can be difficult to keep material waste and overpurchasing under control. Reclaim control of your scheduled production by letting Industrial Metal Service cut your aluminum machining stock to the dimensions you require.

High-Speed, High-Precision Sawing

We recently added the MetlSaw NF12-T12 to our state-of-the-art metal sawing infrastructure. This saw incorporates a labor-saving design that combines high speed with precision to cut even the thickest of non-ferrous materials with ease.

The MetlSaw can handle up to 12-inch thick aluminum plates and can cut them up to 12 feet long. With a surface finish as low as 12 microinches, our saw eliminates the need for secondary machining of sawed parts.

Our saw is capable of cutting aluminum machining stock to the following accuracy:

  • Position tolerance: ± 0.065”
  • Vertical squareness: ± 0.0005”/ in thick
  • Horizontal squareness: ± 0.002”/ ft

Benefits of Our Metal Sawing Service

There are many advantages to letting Industrial Metal Service cut your machining stock to size, including the following:

  • Quickly receive production-ready parts: Faster machining accounts for a faster turnaround. We can quickly supply you with precision-cut aluminum dependent upon your turnaround requirements.
  • Save money: We have the know-how to process thicker materials like aluminum to add economic benefits to your manufacturing process in a number of ways. You can save on a costly, dedicated aluminum-cutting setup and reduce waste by outsourcing the metal cutting to us. Moreover, with precision cut materials, you can improve your ROI by avoiding unwanted reworks and overpurchases.
  • Retain warehouse space: Installing heavy equipment for cutting aluminum deprives you of production space. Moreover, the process will generate metal scrap. Managing unwanted scrap metals would require creating additional space in your shop floor or yard. Our metal sawing service helps you retain valuable floor space for other production activities.
Inventory of precision-cut aluminum machining stock.

Purchase Aluminum Machining Stock from a Reliable Metal Supplier

For more than two decades, Industrial Metal Service has been helping San Francisco Bay Area customers with their metal supply orders. We maintain an extensive inventory of aluminum, including 6061, 7075, MIC-6, 5080, and more. We offer U.S. mill-sourced aluminum as well as verified remnants at an unbeatable market price. In addition to our aluminum sawing services, we also can easily cut titanium using our Amada PCSAW 530 X.

Whether you require an order of aluminum alloys or need your aluminum machining stock cut-to-size, we can help. Contact us today—we look forward to working with you.

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