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Duramold 5 vs. Aluminum Max 5

Duramold 5 and Aluminum Max 5 are both cast aluminum plates made up of 5083 aluminum alloy. Known for their exceptional dimensional stability and rapid machinability, these plates are widely used for various molding applications. Duramold 5 is a patented product of Vista Metals Corp. whereas Max 5 is a premium product manufactured by PCP Aluminum. Both are preferred by OEMs over steel because they’re easier to cut and because the rapid cooling of aluminum results in reduced cycle times and improved cost savings. Because of their relatively light weight, these cast aluminum plates also offer another big advantage: faster machining. As aluminum dissipates heat at an even rate, it allows for exceptional dimensional stability of these cast aluminum plates. Mold plate is becoming more and more common in chamber manufacturing.

Below, we compare Duramold 5 vs. Aluminum Max 5, their suitability for specific molding applications, and how to secure a consistent and reliable supply of such cast aluminum plates for your production operations.

Comparing Duramold 5 vs. Aluminum Max 5

Plastic material flows for longer distances with less injection pressure in aluminum injection molds when compared to those made of steel. While cast aluminum plates such as Duramold 5 and Aluminum Max 5 exhibit great dimensional stability, machinability, and minimal residual stress, they are not engineered for high strength. That’s why they are more commonly used for straight injection and low-pressure injection molds.

Before comparing Duramold 5 vs. Aluminum Max 5, let’s take a look at some of their common features. Both have low levels of internal porosity, with Duramold 5 having an equiaxial fine grain structure. The cast aluminum plates have a density of .096 lb/in3 and a hardness of 70 HB. The molding plates display length and width tolerances of (+.250”/-0), a tensile strength of 41 ksi, and yield strength of 18 ksi. The surface and edges of both cast aluminum blocks are precision sawed, providing additional cost savings, as surface machining is not required.

Although both Duramold 5 and Aluminum Max 5 have similar properties, the following are some of the key points that highlight their suitability for specific molding and other industrial applications.

Duramold 5 Aluminum Max 5
Width Up to 94” Up to 102”
Length Up to 170” long (gauges 2” – 30”)

Up to 100” long (gauges 31” – 38”)

Up to 354”
Thickness Up to 38” Up to 42.5”
Elongation 12-15% 16%
Thermal conductivity 81 Btu/ft x h x °F 69.3 Btu/ft x h x °F
Electrical conductivity 29% IACS 27% IACS
Coefficient of thermal expansion (68-212 °F) 13.1 x 10-6 13.2 x 10-6
Weldability Excellent Very good
Machinability Excellent Excellent
Corrosion Resistance Superior in both inland and marine atmospheres Excellent in inland atmosphere; good in marine atmosphere
Anodizing Accepts anodized, nickel, and other coatings Excellent for hard anodizing; not suitable for decorative anodizing
Polishing Ability Suitable for many polished surface applications Very good polishing ability

The unique properties and features of Duramold 5 and Aluminum Max 5 are utilized in a range of molding applications across multiple industries. Duramold 5 is used for manufacturing rubber molds, blow molds, plastic molds, semiconductor and solar manufacturing components, aerospace and robotic components, printing and packaging machinery, and assembly and vacuum tables. Max 5 cast aluminum mold blocks are frequently used for manufacturing tools and jigs, templates, rubber and plastic molds, equipment and prototypes, robotic components, and vacuum chambers. Aluminum Max 5 is also used in the semiconductor industry for chambers.

Whether you’re a machinist, fabricator, hobbyist, or a small-scale manufacturer, cast aluminum plates such as Duramold 5 and Aluminum Max 5 hold immense potential for your production applications. For that reason, you need a reliable and verified aluminum supplier to get you what you need.

Partnering with Industrial Metal Service for Your Cast Aluminum Requirements

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